PHOENIX (AP) — Arizona state troopers say nobody was injured when a runaway bull was found wandering around a Phoenix freeway early Friday.

Video footage from a traffic camera shows the dark, long-horned bull mulling around the highway as troopers try to herd it from the safety of their vehicles.

Sgt. Kevin Watt told that he came face to face with the animal, which was standing in the high-occupancy vehicle lane.

Watt tried scaring the bull off the road.

“I had my sirens going, everything I could to scare him off the roadway, but he seemed like he wanted to take me on,” Watt said.

Troopers managed to wrangle the animal off the highway and back to the cattle enclosure it escaped from. They discovered the gap in the enclosure that allowed the bull to escape and fixed it.

Authorities say they still don’t know who owns an enclosure so close to the freeway.

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