Rutland man recounts ‘battle’ with coyote that attacked him

RUTLAND, Mass. (WHDH) — A man in Rutland is recovering after he said he was attacked by a coyote and had to fight back to keep the animal from biting him.

Brian Hutchins said he walked out in his yard Wednesday night to check on his chickens when he had a run-in with the coyote. Hutchins said he thinks the coyote was going after his chickens when he walked out and surprised it.

“It tried to bite me several times, ripped my coat apart, so it was just a battle right here, basically,” said Hutchins, who added the coyote didn’t manage to bite him but did scratch him up quite a bit.

That’s when Hutchins says he grabbed the coyote, flung it over him, took out his knife, and stabbed it eight to 10 times before the coyote ran off. He then called police.

“They contacted the stage biologist on this too, it was investigated by them as well and from what I understand, this coyote did attack this gentleman,” Rutland Police Sgt. Troy Chauvin said.

Police said Hutchins refused medical treatment and did not want to receive rabies shots.

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