SOUTH BOSTON, Mass. (WHDH) — A church service for peace was held in South Boston as fear and outrage continues to grow over the death of 24-year-old Amy Lord.

“I've increased patrols on all shifts and have walking officers in the neighborhood, especially in South Boston” said Commissioner Ed Davis of the Boston Police Department.

Investigators said they're now looking into another assault in the area from back in September, where a woman was beaten from behind and strangled. The victim survived the attack and said she found the suspect's wallet which contained Alemany's name and address. However, Alemany walked the streets months after the September attack.

“That’s bad police work,” said Boston Mayor Thomas Menino.

“I'm very disappointed in what the detective did in this case. I would hope that a more thorough and aggressive stance on the part of the police department is something that we would pursue in a case like this,” Davis said.

The assault that happened 10 months ago, was so unnerving, one father said he's moving his daughter. He’s too afraid to leave her alone in the neighborhood.

“We don't feel comfortable and neither does my daughter staying here after something like this,” said a father.

Alemany is the same suspect in a pair of vicious attacks this week on two separate women, and now called the sole person of interest in Amy Lord's violent death. Police said Lord was beaten inside her apartment then forced to withdraw money from five ATMs before she was killed.

“There is no partner in this. One person did it and the person we have is in custody right now,” Mayor Menino said.

Investigators are now waiting for DNA results before they can make a definitive link between the suspect and Amy Lord’s death.

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