S.C. parents claim teacher threw daughter’s shoes in the trash

SIMPSONVILLE, S.C. (WHDH) — A South Carolina family said their daughter’s teacher crossed the line by throwing her shoes in the trash.

Last week, Chartrese Edwards said she was putting her daughter Taraji’s sandals on when the 6-year-old started to cry and said she did not want to wear them to school. When Edwards asked her why, Taraji said her teacher threw them in the trash can because she kept playing with them.

“When I was at school and she threw my shoes in the trash can, I felt really sad and I felt embarrassed,” said Taraji.

Edwards said Taraji told her she had to walk around without shoes as her classmates laughed at her and teased her for having her shoes in the trash. After about half an hour, Taraji said her teacher told her to take her shoes out of the trash can and put them back on.

Taraji’s parents met with her teacher and the school’s principal, where Edwards said the teacher admitted to throwing the shoes in the trash.

“I asked her why would you use such a humiliating method towards my daughter to affect her emotionally and mentally like that in front of her peers,” said Edwards. “And her response was once again, that Taraji wouldn’t listen to her.”

The Edwards pulled Taraji from the school and then met with the school district. Edwards said the district told her it was unacceptable and they did not like what the teacher did. They apologized to the family but did not promise that if Taraji returned, she would not interact or see her former teacher.

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