Nice move, Mother Nature.

Humidity, haze and showers were swept far offshore a swift-moving cool front last night. And as this new airmass drifts deeper and deeper into New England, the air will continue to dry out. This sets us up for some beautiful mornings and sunny days. Thing of it is, the nights are a little longer these days, so the morning temperatures may have a fallish (gasp) tint to them – especially Saturday. Take a look:

Cool mornings are one thing. Cool afternoons too? Well, for one, it takes some time to recover from a cool morning AND our winds will mostly onshore through Saturday.

Fret not, summer’s not quite over (despite what the calendar says). Temperatures will be quick to recover as this cool airmass moves offshore Sunday. We’ll even juice up the air with a little humidity. Then, with a weakening cool front pushing in on Monday, the raindrops come back into the picture. Still, I’m not washing out the entire day. It looks like skies will be threatening (early and late, to be exact), but there will be many dry hours as well. 

Pattern still is looking on the warm side for the long term. After this wet weather clears, the winds turn back to the warm direction and we nudge 80 later next week.


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