Seems we get these forays of 80-degree weather, only to find out that they won’t last. Even with this recent warm spell, we remain over 2 degrees below normal in Boston – with special thanks to the first 5 days of the month where we shivered in the 40s and 50s.

Our current three day stretch of 80 plus is coming to an abrupt and soggy end starting tomorrow. Hardly a washout, Friday’s forecast will have a lot of dry hours. Thing is, the wind turns in from the northeast, and cool breezes off the water will keep us in the upper 60s to low 70s. 

Brighter on Saturday, but the wind will still be off the water…and with low humidity, it will feel a little cool at the beach. Nonetheless, I’ve seen worse beach days, so if you’re going to force this issue, have at it. However, all areas will have a shot at some showers from mid afternoon (say 3ish) on. Seems our Sunday weather system has decided to speed up.

And that’s the big news of the day: a salvageable Sunday forecast seems to be evolving. Yesterday it was washed out, but today I’m optimistic about the idea for afternoon sun. This is hardly an iron-clad forecast. With the track of our low pressure (what is this, winter?) moving over the Commonwealth, it’s very plausible that we could shut off the rain, and then spend the afternoon in the clouds and cool temperatures.

Next week stays in the below normal range with another batch of showers by mid week.

Hopefully, we can bring back some summer by the Fourth of July weekend.


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