Same sex couple, victims of vandalism

BOONE, IOWA (WHDH) — A same-sex couple in Iowa became victims of vandalism after the election.

But their community is rallying behind them to send a message to the perpetrators.

The family found their car keyed from head light to tail light Thursday morning.

Rather then a sign endorsing a political candidate, they have a flag of pride waving in their front yard, but still, “#Trump” was keyed into their vehicles.

Now they want people to see what happened to them and realize it is not okay.

“We have several different people that are willing to donate labor to repaint our vehicles for us,” Vandalism victim Austin Kimball-Gerritson said, “and one of them is a huge Trump supporter.”

That Trump supporter is Anthony Kemp.

He has never met the couple but he is offering to help because he wants to spread love, not hate.

The entire community has been rallying behind the couple since the incident happened.

The community is trying to help the couple by raising money on “”

So far the website has raised more than 800 dollars.

Police do not have any suspects in the vandalism case.




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