Saturation Point

It’s that time of year where I don’t get much feedback on the snowfall maps, the bitterly cold overnight lows, or the worries over the AM/PM commute. Yeah, no more retweets on Twitter or comments on Facebook about storm timelines, details or intensity.

The only thing that really gets people’s attention:

50s, 60s or (gasp) 70s.

Yep. We’ve reached the saturation point. Winter’s yesterday’s news. Last night’s headline. In woodworking we call old, semi-rotten wood duffwood. So, in retrospect, we’ve reached duff winter. Can’t work it, can’t shape it, can’t reason with it.

But like everything, there is another side to the story. While we grimaced through another bitter day with a coating to 2″ of snow to wrestle with, the major snow fell where it’s more than welcome: Northern New England. Get a load of those pics above across the north country! Let’s not kid ourselves. This is a huge shot in the arm to the local economies, the water tables, and truthfully, it’s what winter in New England is all about. Give it another month and the runoff and streams will be awash in snowmelt, recharging the reservoirs, ponds, lakes and underground aquifers.

In the meantime, we face another bitter night. Full of single digit temperatures in the suburbs and low 10s along the coast and Capes. The warm up starts just as soon as the sun comes up tomorrow (even sooner in the upper atmosphere). We’ll head above freezing by afternoon, then continue the (newly minted) weekend trend of 50+ degrees with a visit to the low 50s on Saturday afternoon. Sunday’s colder, and St. Patrick’s Day too, but it now looks like we’ll dodge a couple of storms next week.