Showers may not have amounted to much…but the clouds sure did. Buried in them all day. Peeks of sun were enough to hoist us into the mid 60s, but not much more. In addition, the humidity finally got a bump. Almost felt sticky out there…

…er, almost.

Now that the sun’s down, the skies will clear. The setup tomorrow is a spectacular one. Tons of sun, light winds and mild (OK to call it warm) temperatures. There is one caveat, however. A fast-moving disturbance will sweep in from the north to trigger a few showers – or brief downpours – from 2-5pm. There may even be a few gusty winds that accompany these showers, so be forewarned.

They’re a distant memory on Sunday. That particular day is looking spectacularly sunny and bright. But there’s another snag…it will be much cooler than we’ve seen – but still at or above normal.

Can’t say the same about next week. We head off the workweek with rain on Marathon Monday/Patriots Day. I’m seeing it rush in here by mid-morning and becoming steady – or moderate – by the afternoon. It’s not a pretty sight. East/southeast winds will be blowing, creating a steady head wind all the way into Boston. Yes, I’ve seen better forecasts, but I’ve also seen worse for this big day. Good luck to all the runners while we’re at it. Training this past winter was brutal, and you deserve better. Too bad Mother Nature isn’t playing along this year.

Speaking of, next week the warmup is slowly coming undone. (Hmmmm…shades of Duran Duran in there?) After the rain passes Monday and Tuesday, we’ll dry it out…only to see the temperatures crumble under a new regime of chilly air in the upper atmosphere. This cooler than normal upper air pattern seems to linger right into next weekend. In many cases, we’ll fall back below normal.

So, like the blog title states…savor the weekend.

And make it a good, safe one.


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