There are a lot of ways we can start this blog: reflect on the marginal weather this weekend, talk about the big cooldown this afternoon, or focus on what I fear is an extended forecast hanging by a thread, ready to tumble into the realm of cool air and limited sun.

Yeah, let’s start with the cooldown.

Dramatic and very New England-like this afternoon. 70s crashed to 50s in a matter of hours. Boston went from 71 to 59 in a little over an hour. Bedford went from 72 to 63 in two hours. Telltale sign of the Back Door Cold Front. Welcome back to spring, folks.

Unlike many Back Door Cold Fronts, this one comes with some wet weather. Showers will dart in and out – with a random downpour mixed in for good measure – throughout the night. There could even be a few light showers around through tomorrow morning along with a steady mist. I expect drying in the afternoon, but not clearing…that waits until Thursday. And with its high temperature recovering into the mid 60s, it gets billing as the pick of the week.

What? What’s wrong with that last sentence? Hmm..perhaps tying mid 60s with the term “pick of the week”.

It’s time we confronted the elephant in the room. What will June bring? Why has it been so cool? And are we looking at a repeat of 2009?

I wouldn’t go that far. We had a very wet May heading into a very wet/cool June in 2009. This time around, we’re BELOW normal this month with ABOVE normal temperatures. So even though we are moving into a cooler and wetter time in the first week of June, there’s no indication that the wheels are going to come off like in 2009. Yet, I fear there may be a coolish/damp slant to the first two weeks of the month thanks to a northwest flow in the jet stream. Whether that has legs remains to be seen.

Hang in there. July and August rarely disappoint.


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