Now I know you're brokenhearted that we didn't make the heat wave in Boston, but you got to hand it to the sea breeze to play spoiler.

The onshore wind is fickle at any time of the year, but in summer it can be extra tricky to track. A cool push of air came down from Maine last night, and it hugged the coast from Cape Ann to the Harbor Islands. This in turn fostered a sea breeze which kept the 90s out of the picture at Logan Airport. Hard to see those on the models, and best handled with hour-by-hour forecasts.

Anyhow, the drier air is on the way tonight!

Notice I didn't say cooler. 

Tomorrow's high temps will again be on the order of mid 80s with a dry, warm west wind. No wishy-washy sea breezes, no fog, no low clouds and very little humidity. Sounds like a beach day.

I have two of them for the next two days. Thursday is equally sunny, as the temperatures get peeled back to the low 80s. Hardly a drop, really.

Friday it may get a little cool for some. Clouds will sink down from the north and the cool air will puddle in all of New England. Upper 70s will have to do…with a return of the sea breeze.

So far the weekend is looking good…with a moderation in temperatures. Sea breezes could keep us in the upper 70s at the coast, but the humidity will start to creep up as well.


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