School nurse gives wrong medicine to child in Blackstone

BLACKSTONE, Mass. (WHDH) — A Blackstone family said they had a big scare Tuesday when their daughter was given the wrong medication by her school nurse.

Madison Young, 7, said she went to her school nurse at John F. Kennedy Elementary School after she injured her elbow during lunch. Madison’s mother Kelly Russell said the nurse was supposed to give her daughter Motrin but instead gave her Ritalin.

“Apparently another little girl is given Ritalin at the school and she thought Madison was the little girl because they look alike,” said Russell.

School officials said the nurse admitted her mistake right away and called Poison Control before notifying the principal and calling Madison’s parents.

“I was pretty upset, I was crying, I couldn’t there fast enough,” said Russell. “It was scary and I’m glad she’s OK today.”

Blackstone-Millville Superintendent Allen Himmelberger said all protocols and procedures are being reviewed so this never happens again. Russell said she met with the school principal and nurse, who apologized to her. The school said the nurse will not face any discipline.

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