A beloved teacher in South Florida was forced out of her home by fierce flames at the beginning of August. 

Kieaita Brown and her three children slept inside of her pick-up truck, before staying in the Motel 6 in Cutler Bay.

Her situation is marked by the charred-out remains of a home she spent decades in.

Her 11-year-old daughter accidentally set the house ablaze when she placed a candle on the window. The drapes ignited and lead to full flames at 11841 Southwest 196th Terrace. 

Brown was helped by Red Cross for a few days after the the fire but could not stay in a homeless shelter because of her children. Her son has special needs. 

She was so desperate for shelter she said, "I even asked my principal if I can even stay in my classroom because I was homeless."

Brown had no home owner's insurance and spent most of her life's savings on her father's funeral and cremation which was about $19,000. 

Thankfully, Miami-Dade Public Schools and the Foundation for New Education Initiatives came to the special needs teacher's aid, putting them up for the next two days.

Brown said, despite all the strife she and her family have endured, things are looking up. "We're thankful that we are alive," she said. 

She is grateful that none of them were injured, with consideration for "the massive amount of damage, we're just happy that we didn't get hurt in the fire," Brown said.

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