School officials: Swastika graffiti found at Reading High School

READING, MA (WHDH) - School officials confirmed that hateful graffiti was found in two separate incidents at Reading Memorial High School this month.

Police said a swastika was found drawn in blue permanent marker on the floor of a classroom. Another swastika was found etched on a cinder block wall in the bathroom at the high school field house.

“I’m actually really shocked that our high school would do this because Reading Memorial High School is usually a very open place,” said senior Kelly MacDonald. “We’re very friendly there and I’m very surprised my peers would do this.”

Hateful graffiti was also found recently at schools in Duxbury. Police said a swastika was found drawn on the bleachers in the high school gym and another was drawn in a middle school bathroom.

“If I sound angry and outraged, it is because I am,” said Duxbury High School Principal Andrew Stephens when he spoke with students. “This is an insult to every one of us in this community.”

The Anti-Defamation League said they are working with town officials in Reading. The town hopes to hold a meeting about tolerance soon.

“I think it’s awful. I don’t know why people think that way and why they think it’s OK to write it or share that kind of information,” said parent Dawn Gera. “Hopefully they’ll find out who did that and educate them.”


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