Scientists in Maine to engineer parachutes for NASA

MANCHESTER, NH (WHDH) — A small company in Maine is now working with NASA.

When scientists launch sounding rockets, they often land back on earth in the ocean and are discarded.

Now, Wizbe Innovations has been awarded a $114,000 grant from NASA to develop a way to steer rockets safely back to the place where they originally launched, and they are doing it with parachutes.

Using their designs, engineers can control the amount of air flowing through a parachute and guide it safely to a specific spot.

“The potential for improving space travel, the potential for getting cargo to different places, humanitarian aid to specific locations around the world, there’s huge potential,” Stan Farrell, president of Wizbe Innovations, said. “It’s pretty exciting to just start a conversation, see where it goes, go in another direction, all with the aspect
of helping the military and helping NASA.”

Previously, Wizbe worked on parachutes that the Army used to deliver supplies to soldiers.