ROCKPORT, MASS. (WHDH) - A scuba diver saved the day for a woman who lost her phone while paddleboarding in Rockport.

Vanessa Kahn was preparing to head out on her first mini dive as a new scuba diver earlier this week when she ran into Lauren Hernandez, who had just lost her phone and was hoping to get some help from divers.

“This is a group of uncertified student divers, we probably won’t be the ones to find your phone,” said Kahn, explaining that her instructor was hesitant about the success of the rescue mission.

Kahn said that the group of divers later decided to take a detour while in the water.

“Let’s just take a little detour, let’s kind of swim slower around the rocky area where Lauren was pointing to and let’s see if we can find the phone,” Kahn said.

Something then caught Kahn’s eye among all the seaweed and fish.

“Right past my line of vision I saw the phone, it was in a bright pink waterproof case. I picked it up and, lo and behold, the screen illuminated,” said Kahn.

The scuba group was shocked one of their own was able to find the phone that had been submerged in 25 feet of water for more than 20 hours. Kahn then swam back to shore where she greeted Hernandez with the phone held high.

“Even when I had the hope that someone could find it, I knew that only a miracle should happen to find it,” said Hernandez. “She [Kahn] was like an angel.”

Hernandez soon discovered a surprise when she looked through her photos.

“I was able to get a really cool selfie when we emerged from the water that I think Laura [Hernandez] is gonna cherish for the rest of her life,” Kahn said.

Kahn and Hernandez have kept in contact since their aquatic rescue mission and even follow each other on social media.

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