Search for blue sippy cup goes viral

England (WHDH) — The world came together to find a cup for Ben.

It all started when a father turned to social media to find a blue sippy cup for his son who is living with autism.

The company had stopped making the cup but people from all over reached out to help.

It may seem like a simple blue sippy cup, but a father in the UK says it is a life line for his autistic son.

The 14-year-old has been drinking from this style cup nearly his whole life and when the family needed a replacement they couldn’t find one.

So father Marc Carter took his plea for a new cup to YouTube and Twitter, creating the hashtag Cupforben.

The post went viral with people as far away as Australia sending in new ones.

And the manufacturer Tommee Tippee found the original mold in China and is now working on creating a lifetime supply of the precious product just for Ben.

“It’s a shock and a surprise,” said Carter. “Just a bit bizarre really that they’ve managed to do this.”

Carter wants to use his new social media platform to help other kids, like Ben, who depend on something most people might overlook.

“Be that a teddy bear, be that a blanket, be it a toy, be it a cup,” said Carter. “They’ve all got something they need and I want to do more I want to help people.”


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