BOSTON (WHDH) — After an all night and all day mission, the search for a man who fell off a ferry and into Boston Harbor has been suspended. The Coast Guard called off its search earlier Sunday evening.

For 19 hours rescue crews searched by air and by water, before they called off the search to find a man who went overboard during a Boston Harbor cruise.

“It's a big shipping channel, boats are coming back and forth, it's really sad to hear such a thing,” said Michael Patten who watched the search.

The 41-year-old passenger was taking a country music themed cruise, when the Bay State Cruise Company said he climbed onto the ship’s railing.

In a statement the company said two passengers "…reported trying to grab at the man to stop him from an athletic leap up, scaling the ship's railings.”

The boat's owner said an employee also "…saw the man jumping onto the railing.”

“Hearing that it’s like makes me extra cautious about the people that go on our cruises,” said Victor Martinez-Diaz who works on a cruise boat.

“We were just out there last night. We saw the party boats go by. The boats are high, anyone can fall over,” said Sheryl Westgate who took a harbor cruise.

The water temperature was 65 degrees when crews began their search around 10:30 Saturday night. They continued to look until early Sunday evening.

“Regardless, he's still out there somewhere. I just hope they find him,” said Jennifer Costa.

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