Another beauty today after a cloud-filled start. Highs managed to climb to around 70 with the humidity staying low.

Now I don’t want to stomp on the nice string of days we’ve seen, but I have to harp on the rain thing again tonight. Since July, we’re over 5 inches below normal in some South Shore cities and towns. With the lack of rain, we’re nearing code red in some communities. While some gardens burned out long ago, the trees are dropping their leaves and turning as dormant as the lawns. This clearly is a sign of stress and jeopardizes the fall foliage season.

Based upon previous years observations, we can still turn this thing around…if we get rain. Radar shows a good band of it across Ontario, New York and Ohio tonight.

There is optimism and anxiety as this marches east. Who gets the soaking? Where will the showers line up? Who sees an all-day rain?

I’m here to tell you no one. And as much as the glow on the radar is a reason for optimism, it’s also a tease. That blob of green will start to separate and dry air will punch hole in it as it moves into New England. All we can hope for is a passing storm or shower tomorrow – mostly in the mid to late afternoon and evening. Cross your fingers.

Nice summer run tomorrow. Heat and humidity will build, but remain within tolerable limits. Post-cold front, the air will turn cooler and drier…and stay that way…for a good, long while. Not seeing any surges of heat or significant chances for rain.




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