Yesterday it seemed that spring was just within our grasp, and then today it’s gone.  What happened?  Well, we got a boost in temperatures this week in response to the jet stream moving farther north.  We were “on the right side of the tracks” for a while, if you will, bringing in milder air from the SW.  But as Thursday arrived, our temperatures plummeted and we had some gusty winds as well to prove that we are in a season of transition.  

This is what happens in these “months of transition.”  During September and March, the jet stream oscillates up and down and typically doesn’t set up in a permanent pattern that holds for the entire month (like we saw in February; just BITTER COLD with no relief).  So, in these months of transition, we have to learn to take the good with the bad and trust that when it gets bad again, it will eventually get better.

Side note:  I used the “oscillating jet stream” analogy on my cousin once.  She was having a hard time finishing up her degree, and I explained that she was just in a season of transition!  College is definitely a “season of transition,” and you may change your major 17 times before you settle on something you really love… There will be good days, and there will be bad days, but we are ultimately heading for something better.  There’s your Bri anecdote for the day.  You’re welcome.

The winds will die down overnight tonight, but that will also allow for temps to drop into the teens in many locations.  Watch out for areas of refreeze tomorrow morning.  Friday will be a lot like today was, but without the wind.  Furthermore, remember what I said yesterday?  Don’t compare the weather now to the weather we had yesterday (at 57 degrees).  Try comparing tomorrow to Friday of last week, when our high was just 24 degrees!  

Clouds move in late Friday ahead of the next system, but still it looks just wet.  As the rain turns on early on Saturday morning, some areas could see freezing rain which will make travel hazardous.  I think past 9am, we’re in the clear – but we’ll still want to wear the Wellies.  We’re in for 0.5″-1.00″ of rain.  The back side of this system wraps through on Sunday but it looks like light, scattered snow showers.  Maybe we’ll see just enough accumulation to coat the gross, black snow piles still plaguing our beautiful scenery.  (Extra side note:  I saw some little boys playing in one of these piles the other day and their mother was watching them eat the dirty snow!  Don’t eat the dirty snow!  There oughta be a few rules!  It may not be the “yellow snow” you were warned about as a kid, but it’s still very dangerous to consume!)  

Weather for the St. Patrick’s Parade in Southie looks cold, but bearable.  Again, scattered light snow showers/flurries… but no biggie.  Just bring your green hat and coat.  – Bri

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