Seasonal Snow?

Is Christmas really over?  Today felt like a good day to put the last minute touches on our holiday decorations, wrapping and shopping before Santa arrives!  Instead, we had pleasant weather to put away all of the used and abused Christmas boxes (Happy Boxing Day!).

Highs are still well above average, and we get to keep the mild weather through the weekend.  Regardless, the guys sent out a mass email today asking for each of our seasonal snowfall guesses.  I really think we should have placed these bets a couple of months ago… but as it turns out – my guess would have been way too high for December.  We’ve only had one day this month with measurable snowfall (just 0.3″).  We also had more snow in November than we did in December!  

So now the question is, should my bet be low or high???  We already have both ends of the spectrum on the score sheet; Lambert’s guess is 45″ (wowza), but JR and Producer Mike have both guessed low (17″ and 22″).  Here are the bets so far (hanging in the Weather Center):

I’ve heard it said many times, “Don’t bet on the weather turning out like a previous year with the same weather pattern” but I can’t ignore the chatter about the winter of 1977-78!  I’ve heard that year Boston had a warmer set up through December… and then New England was blasted with crazy amounts of cold and snow in the New Year to follow (Blizzard of ’78, anyone?).  There have been other years like this too; hardly any snow through Christmas, followed by buckets of snow in the New Year (1955 and ’57).  However, there have also been years with little snow in December, and still not much snow through the rest of the winter (2006 and 2011).

It’s a tough call… and I’m new here.  I’m also not very good at betting.  So, I’ll just go with “ONE DOLLAR, BOB!”

All of that talk of snow took me away from the important stuff, which is the short term forecast that is much more clear at this point.  This weekend we get to keep the sunshine and the mild temps around.  Clouds will build in on Sunday, and we’re expecting afternoon sprinkles.  It won’t be enough rain, or last long enough, to bum out the Patriot fans at Gillette – but we could squeak out the 0.05″ of precip we need to make the “Top 10 Wettest Decembers” list.  

Brace yourself… the cold is coming.  Monday our temps will drop significantly, and for the rest of the week we’re stuck in the 30s (with maybe even a day or two struggling to make it to the 30 degree mark).  It will be cold but it will be dry.  That means… all of this snow talk… really doesn’t matter in the short term… but I have a feeling… it’s coming…

Have a great weekend!