Second floor of Alewife garage remains closed after concrete falls onto car

CAMBRIDGE, MASS. (WHDH) - The second floor of the Alewife parking garage will remain closed Thursday due to a crumbling concrete incident.

A piece of concrete fell onto a car on the second floor of the garage Wednesday afternoon, MBTA officials said. No injuries were reported.

Engineers concluded that the garage was safe for use while identifying the need for limited spot repairs to concrete on the floor.

Even with the repairs being made, drivers still felt uneasy about the situation.

“It’s unnerving because if it happened once, it could happen again,” commuter Gary Arcici said.

Due to space constraints, the MBTA closed off customer parking on the second floor to complete the necessary repairs.

The closure will result in a net loss of about 500 spaces.

Following repairs on the second floor, the MBTA will conduct assessments on the remaining floors and perform spot repairs where necessary, officials said.

Path of travel through the garage will remain open during the construction.

The MBTA says they’re working on a long-term plan for the garage, awarding a $5.7 million contract this week for initial work.

Prices to park in the Alewife garage are scheduled to go up on Sept. 1 to $10.