Police are searching for a driver accused of causing a parking problem in East Boston.

For the second straight day, arguments over space savers have turned violent. 

A van’s tires were slashed after a man parked in a spot with a space saver. 

On Sunday night, just after a couple of inches of snow fell, Ronald Levesque pulled into a spot. 

"I come around and there’s not parking anywhere because there’s either a car there or there’s a space saver," he said. "There was a trash can, so I pulled in, pushed the trash can out of the way with the van and I parked there."

On Monday morning, Levesque returned to his van and noticed one tire was flat. 

"The towing company came and they said there was a knife cut in the tire," he said. 

This is the second spat of anger over space savers this week. 

In Dorchester, Boston Police continue to search for the man who shot the owner of a car in an argument over street parking. 

That victim is now recovering, but the shooting has Boston Mayor Marty Walsh re-thinking how the city handles the saving of parking spaces after snowstorms. 

Right now, homeowners can save spots they dig out for up to 48 hours after a city-declared snow emergency. 

Levesque pointed out the storm over the weekend did not trigger that declaration, but there were troubling incidents anyway. 

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