This month started with "blazing" heat (for November, at least), but now it seems temperatures have leveled off in recent days. Both weekend days averaged right at normal, while the last two days have been below.

Is it a trend? Are we in the midst of a pattern change?

Not hardly. The only twist to the forecast seems to be the cold jabs we’re getting now. We still have mild air funneling in from time to time, however. I’m seeing most of that coming in a two day stand that’s just in time for Thanksgiving.

It comes with baggage, however. The clouds will be on the increase on Thanksgiving and they’ll be hard to shake on Friday. Despite that, the temperatures are likely to climb into the 50s and then peak at 60 (or better) by Black Friday. That’s the warmth we’ve come to expect for November.

But just like that, the cold comes rushing back in for the weekend. Certainly Mother Nature is having a problem making up her mind…at least for now.

This is the time of year with the most anticipation. When will the snow come? Are we in for a cold winter? How long will this cold/warm spell last?

Answers are few, but the long range predictions into the next 20-30 days are showing much of what we’re seeing now: warm-ups, cool-downs and a generally dry stretch of weather. 

We’ll see how it pans out.

If you’re traveling, be safe and patient…we all want to get there in one piece.

And save an slice of pie for me!!


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