After yesterday’s faceplant, we redeemed ourselves a bit today. Sun monopolized the morning sky only to see the clouds move in by afternoon.

Skies looked threatening…and spooked a lot of folks:

…but nothing to show for them on the radar other than sprinkles. Upper atmosphere was chilly, and the clouds were happy to grow and build into that cool air. Thing was, they didn’t get a chance to grow enough to make downpours and storms.

Now that I brought it up, the cool weather has been on people’s minds over the last few days…thanks to yesterday’s storm. The weather pattern doesn’t look “cool” or chilly, but we are certainly not going to see 90s anytime soon. 

Timing looks good for the holiday weekend. Weather systems seem to steer away or around us – or even come to an outright halt. 

In the meantime, watch for showers and storms to flare up on both Wednesday and Thursday, our wettest days this week.


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