Self-care and coronavirus: How to keep up with your hair while isolating

BOSTON (WHDH) - There is no shortage of things to worry about during the coronavirus outbreak, but, self-care is an important way to stay positive in these uncertain times.

Patrice Vinci owns a hair salon on Newbury Street and since she was forced to close her doors, she is taking the time to help women by offering them some tips and tricks to keep their hair looking good.

“Any questions on any kind of hair questions at all we’re happy to answer,” she said. “It’s very important to stay home and we want to be part of the solution so we are happy to do that, but we definitely are looking forward to going back.”

Vinci has taken to social medial to share dos and don’ts during this period of self-quarantine.

She says that when it comes to coloring, using products from the drugstore may be better than ordering salon-grade which can be more difficult to wash out if something goes astray.

“There’s a lot of great drugstore products you can buy. They definitely won’t cover gray 100% but it can blend gray in enough to get people over until the salon reopens,” she explained.

She also said that now is a great time to let one’s hair grow naturally.

“So many people put irons and blow dryers on every day, now that we’re not working or we’re at home, it’s a great time to give your hair a rest,” she said.

As for the don’ts, Vinci is discouraging people from trying to highlight or cut their own hair.

“I actually cut my own hair yesterday and I was thinking about filming some of that so people could watch how I section the hair and then I said, ‘Well maybe I shouldn’t do that cuz I don’t know if I want people to try that,” she said.

Vinci said now is a good time for clients to buy gift cards to their favorite businesses.

These days are trying for everyone she said. However, it has allowed her to connect with clients in ways she was not able to in the past.

“It’s been really great to be able to see those relationships leave the salon and become more personal during this time,” she said.

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