BOSTON (WHDH) - Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey is working to fight fees at Logan Airport.

He is calling for airlines to suspend checked bag fees this summer in an effort to alleviate long lines at security checkpoints.

Markey sent a letter to all 12 major US airlines, asking them to eliminate fees for checked bags.

He said when airlines charge to check a bag, more people bring carry-on bags instead.

“More bags going through security means more items to be scanned, leading to longer wait times,” Markey said.

During the last few weeks, airports across the country have been plagued with long waits to get through security.

“So far at Logan we have not had the same problem that they are experiencing in New York, Atlanta, Chicago, because of some of the work we did last summer to prepare,” Markey said.

Delayed flights in other cities can lead to delays at Logan.

Markey said he also believes more TSA agents are needed.

The TSA’s budget has decreased by a quarter of a billion dollars in the last five years.

Markey is more concerned with getting rid of baggage fees.

“It would give immediate relief at checkpoints, not just here but all across the country, it is time for airlines to stop prioritizing their bottom line over their customers standing in line,” Markey said.

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