Sen. Warren on wiretapping claim: Trump trying to ‘distract’ America from failing presidency

QUINCY, MASS. (WHDH) - Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren said that Donald Trump’s recent wiretapping allegations against former President Barrack Obama is just an attempt to “distract” America from his failing presidency.

Warren toured Mamet Community Health Center in Quincy on Monday morning as she continues to push and emphasize the need for federal funding for community health centers.

When asked about Trump’s allegation that Obama wiretapped his phones at Trump Tower during the election, Warren did not hold back. She feels Trump should absolutely retract his statements if he cannot produce evidence to support the claims.

“This is Donald Trump trying to find a way to distract people from the fact that his presidency is failing and that he is breaking the promises he made to the American people,” Warren said.

Republican Sen. John McCain asked the president to show proof Monday, or retract the statement.

Warren pulled no punches, saying Trump should not be given a “free pass” on making unsubstantiated allegations. She said he should be held accountable.

When asked if she thought Trump was lying about the claims, Warren questioned his mental state.

“Who knows what his mental state was? All I can say is that there is no evidence to support this,” Warren said. “Apparently it was just his effort to distract people from the fact that he has broken his promises on health care and his attorney general has connections to Russia.

Before departing for Washington, Warren also weighed in on the GOP healthcare bill. She said it would touch every family in Massachusetts and that it would cause significant harm.

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