Purging The Cold

Walking around downtown Boston was a challenge. At some points, the wind nipped at your heels, at others, there was just enough balance between cold and sun to make it feel OK. Lots of people have their opinion on cold and winter, but my former classmate at Lydon State (who was famous for equating hail sizes with body parts – i.e. eyeballs and bellybuttons) had a different take.


Jesting aside, the cold has its benefits to the economy and the pest population. Can you imagine how many different species of insects could thrive in our forests in New England if our winter temperatures were warmer?

All right, all right, I can tell I’m bugging some of you. If you work – or walk/bike – outside you’re probably not thinking about how bugs are faring, you just can’t feel your toes. Well, I’m here to tell you about a couple of warmups in the near future.

One is tomorrow, and despite the fact that the sun goes into hiding, we’ll do just fine getting the numbers into the mid and upper 30s. Fine and dandy until you realize there are a few snowshowers hidden in that warmup. All the maps are keeping the amounts paltry over Southern NH and Eastern Mass.

This system is moisture starved, so I’m in agreement here. HOWEVER, there are signs of a deep temperature contrast between the surface and the upper atmosphere. This could trigger some late day/evening squalls which have the potential to put down a coating to 1″ in a short amount of time. Most of the flakes flying in the afternoon and evening will shut down after the front passes in between 7 and 9pm.

Sunday’s brighter…and colder. Yes, the arctic air is back, but not as bitter as it is now. There is some hope later next week too as a pattern change may be in the works later in the week.

Make it a good weekend.