Totally out of season, but totally in line with holiday weekend plans. That’s the way I’m reading this surge of summer heat in early September. 

The final weekend of summer (albeit late this year) came at a perfect time for the heat to surge into New England. Although our high in Boston was 93, it was almost 10 degrees shy of the record!! Yep. We hit a sizzling 102 back in 1881…although who’s to say if the thermometer was calibrated or sitting in the direct sun "back in the day".

In any event, we’re just stepping into the heat this week. With a record high around 95 tomorrow and the heat peaking, we have a chance to break a record in Boston. Humidity will be on the increase as well…and that means you’ll have to take it slow. Heat indices (what it feels like with the heat and humidity) will rise to low 100s!

More humidity will pour in Wednesday. Temperatures will again peak near 90, but the clouds will start to move in our direction.

And that’s the key to the latter half of the work (and school) week. More clouds, more chances for showers/storms/soaking rain. Yes, I said soaking rain. A cool front will slow to a crawl as it crosses Thursday and early Friday. It should be sufficiently juiced-up to give us a good soaking and steal away the humidity.

Hope your weekend went well.

Viva summer 2015.


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