“And the Oscar goes to…

… the president of the United States!”

Forget “Argo.”

And don't give “Zero Dark Thirty” a second look, because the number one political thriller in the nation is "Sequester," thanks to President Obama's Oscar-worthy performance.

The president says the automatic cuts will cost thousands of teachers their jobs; reduce airport security; and delay medical research.

"These cuts are not smart, they are not fair. They will hurt our economy," the president said.

The president isn't acting alone. Democrats like Governor Deval Patrick could win best supporting actor oscars for their roles in sequester.

"Congressional Republicans move the goalposts as soon as the president comes there way," Gov. Patrick said.

Remember "the debt ceiling?" And then "the fiscal cliff?" "Sequester" is actually part of a political trilogy about the size and cost of government

"The reality is, the federal budget this year even after the cuts, will still be larger than last year's budget," said Gov. Bobby Jindal, (R ) Louisiana.

And that's not just a Republican talking point.

Here's the New York Times–as liberal a newspaper as there is:

"Even with the automatic cuts…states are still expected to get more federal aid over all this year than they did last year…"

Still, the president insists:

“Unfortunately, it appears that Republicans in congress have decided that instead of compromising – instead of asking anything of the wealthiest Americans – they would rather let these cuts fall squarely on the middle class," said the president.

Washington is getting to the point where the only thing it can do…is nothing.

Our government is already sequestered–which means "removed"– from reality.

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