"Sequester" is just a new name for an old Washington game: pass the buck and pin the blame on the other party.

That's why the president is right when he said today the sequester is "a loss for the American people." Because–unfortunately– Democrats and Republicans still see a way to win, so it's game on!

The president says he wants a balanced approach of tax hikes and spending cuts; the Republicans say taxes were just raised in January by $700 billion …so, show us the cuts.

The president believes a majority of Americans are on his side, but polls reflect uncertainty and division.

Obama and Democrats are betting sequester cuts will put pressure on Republicans to raise taxes; while Republicans are betting Americans think the cost of government can be reduced without jeopardizing essential services.

Both sides need time to prove their case, so don't expect a quick resolution.

As we wait to see what will happen, here's a non-partisan number to consider:

The sequester is supposed to cut government spending by 2.4%. Recently, we got a 2% pay cut, when social security payroll taxes were increased.

We adjusted; why can't Washington?

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