Set to Sizzle

Spectacular pair of days! Highs jumped back to the 80s, air remained dry, and the sun sparkled.

On these longest days of the year, lots of folks soak in the sun and comfortable air. But in the coming days, the camps will be split – those for heat and humidity and those who “just can’t stand it”. I hear it from both sides, and while I remain impartial, I gotta say, summer can go to extremes around here.

That said, I don’t think this is an extreme case. The heat will hit, then relent by late week. Moreover, the humidity seems tolerable. Sticky air, yes; oppressive Florida-like steam bath, no. Wind direction is key here. Southwest tomorrow long enough to bring in the muggy air, then northwest winds on Wednesday to SLOWLY snuff it out.

Thunder is also a possibility…but not when you expect it, at the heat of the day. With the upper atmosphere primed for action Tuesday night, we might see some late-night storms roll through. Given what we’re seeing in the upper atmosphere, some may be nasty as well. We’ll keep you apprised.

Then, just as quickly as it arrives, the heat will vanish late week. In fact, we’ll go back to cool nights and comfortable days right into Saturday. Gotta love this on-again off-again summer.