Several people hurt as crews battle fire at treatment plant in Quincy

Several people were injured in an explosion and fire at a wastewater treatment plant in Quincy on Monday. 

Five workers were injured and were taken to a hospital for treatment of respiratory issues and eye irritation. 

The treatment plant is part of the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority and is located on Nut Island.

Crews initially had the fire under control. but it rekindled twice on Monday night. 

Crews had trouble battling the flames because it was several hundred feet down.

The plant is not connected to any drinking water supply. 

MWRA chief Fred Laskey said the incident happened several floors down in the building when crews were working with an air scrubber. 

Fire officials said it was hard to reach the smoke.

According to the Quincy Police, this is considered a hazardous materials situation, but there is no danger to the public.

Officials are investigating the cause of the explosion. 

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