Several Tufts frats suspend social activities after hazing allegations

MEDFORD, Mass. (WHDH) — Administrators at Tufts University say the Massachusetts school has suspended all social activity at its fraternities for the rest of the semester after receiving several reports of hazing and sexual misconduct.

A campus-wide email sent Friday says the school in Medford has launched “multiple investigations of several Greek organizations.” It says the school has issued “cease and desist” orders to four fraternities.

The investigation began as a result of an opinion piece titled “Abolish Fraternities,” published in student-magazine the Tufts Observer last month. The student-writer details sexually explicit and gruesome acts he allegedly experienced while “rushing” a fraternity at the university.

Administrators say all fraternities will be required to participate in sexual misconduct prevention training, an alcohol education session and training with a national hazing prevention expert.

The InterFraternity Council has voluntarily suspended all social activity by all fraternities.

“There are a lot of mixed opinions,” said Tufts student Ashton Knight. “Some people think it’s really bad, some people are in the middle.”

Tufts student Bibi Lichauco said the situation is complex. “It’s not necessarily black and white, like good versus bad…it’s more just about discussing the complexities and thinking about how we can move forward as comprehensively and thoroughly as possible,” she said.

Administrators say the steps have been implemented as “interim measures pending the outcome of the current investigations” and don’t “preclude further appropriate action being taken by the university.”

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