Severed pig and deer heads, mutilated bird found in Cambridge

CAMBRIDGE, MASS. (WHDH) - Authorities say a person walking in Cambridge recently discovered animal remains and a mutilated bird discarded near a city trash barrel.

On Saturday, March 31, the passerby alerted police to the disturbing discovery near Church Street. An area patrol officer then found what appeared to be fresh animal remains inside of two styrofoam boxes and one cardboard box.

Animal Control was called to the scene and found three severed pig heads, three deer heads and a bird which had a coat hanger driven through it, according to authorities.

The pig heads had what appeared to be incense sticks driven into them with leftover ash on their faces, according to police.

The MSPCA was alerted to the situation and a DPW crew responded and disposed of the remains.

Police say the incident does not appear to be a crime and that it was an apparent religious ritual protected by the first amendment.

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