WELLFLEET, Mass. (WHDH) — Another shark was spotted by visitors off the coast of Cape Cod.

People in Wellfleet are on alert after a shark was seen just a few feet from shore.

A police officer spotted the 12-foot shark early Sunday morning just five feet from the edge of the water.

The man, who is familiar with sharks, says he couldn't figure out what type of shark it was.

This may be the first shark sighting in Wellfleet this summer, but it is just one of many that we have seen on the Cape.

Up until two weeks ago, the shark sightings remained tame. But then one took a violent turn. Chris Myers, 50, was out in the water off Truro, when he felt pain in his legs.

Scientists have since confirmed that it was a great white shark that bit Myers, making it the first great white attack in Massachusetts in 70 years.

Earlier this summer another man had a close encounter in Orleans.

A picture shows the kayaker with the ominous fin looming nearby. He paddled to shore safely.

Earlier this summer, state officials warned swimmers on the Cape to stay at least 300 feet away from seals since they are common prey for sharks.

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