Shhhhh… Nice and Quiet

I can’t remember the last weekend I showed up to work and didn’t make a snow map….  However, I can tell you that I didn’t make one today, and I’m ecstatic about that! It’s about time we get a quiet stretch of weather.

While we deal with some cold air again this morning, temps moderate through the weekend.  We’ll reach the lower 30s today and near 40 on Sunday. After a sunny start this morning, batches of clouds mix in at time through the rest of the weekend and even a passing flurry or snow shower may fly in a few towns, but nothing of significance.  Overall, it’s a fantastic weekend to hit the ski slopes or do any other winter sport outside.  Remember, clocks go forward 1 hour tonight too as daylight saving time begins.  The sun wont set until 6:42PM tomorrow.

Relatively quiet weather continues into next week and the pattern allows for a retreat of the core of the cold.  That means by Tuesday and Wednesday temps warm into the mid 40s to near 50.  We’ll track a low just to our south on Tuesday afternoon that may bring a bit of light rain to SE Mass, but that’s the highest chance for precipitation through Friday.  Thursday and Friday, we’ll return to colder air.

Overall, the long range pattern favors colder than average temperatures by mid to late month, so I don’t want to promise that we’re over with the cold and snow just because we sneak in a few milder days next week.  I will say, however, the averages this time of year go up fairly quickly, and by the end of March, the average high is around 50.  So even below average by mid to late March standards doesn’t have the same sting to it as it did in late January and this past horrendous February.  Also, that March sun angle is very strong, and even in past brutal winters, that snowpack dwindles quite a bit during the 2nd half of March.  I at least think we can get some melting done this weekend and through the first half of next week.

Have a great weekend and enjoy not shoveling!

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