New information after a Hank Investigation: State Officials revealed the shocking backlog in the DNA testing of rape kits that Hank uncovered, is getting much better.

“A June 2010 report by Hank Phillippi Ryan and WHDH-TV showed there were about 2,000 unprocessed kits at the state crime lab,” Senator Cynthia Creem (D) Massachusetts.

State Senators credited our investigation with prompting today’s Statehouse inquiry. As that exclusive report showed, those untested rape kits, each one was evidence of violent crime, were left languishing in the state’s crime labs for some years.

After Hank’s story, officials reported they made a lot of progress, including reducing the backlog from 2,000 untested rape kids to about 100.

State officials also pledged to hire more crime lab technicians in order to reduce or eliminate the backlog altogether.

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