I’ll keep this short as there are some sweet deals online I have to check out this morning! Overall we don’t have any major storms (rain or snow) heading our way this week just a bunch of warm & cold fronts.

The first of the bunch is a warm front on this first day of meteorological winter (more on that in a minute). This warm front has already cruised through New England and our temps are responding as we start the day near 50 & spend much of December 1st in the low 50s. Sadly, a cold front is fast on the heels of this warm air and this cold front will tear through the mild bubble of air by late evening.

Tomorrow we are back into the cold as daytime temps only reach the mid 30s. Adding insult/injury will be clouds & even some isolated flurries by late day. Just like that here comes another warm front by tomorrow evening. This warm front will be our only weather player this week as it will pop a batch of light rain & snow across New England tomorrow night.

For many of us it’s just light rain but out across western/central MA (IE Worcester County & west) a coating-1″ of snow is likely before ending as some freezing drizzle very early Wednesday morning. For the rest of us just some light rain showers tomorrow night & into Wednesday morning. During the day Wednesday, our temps take off once again reaching the low 50s by afternoon.

Happy Shopping!



PS…..oh…almost forgot…meteorological winter.…..meteorologists use December-January-February as the 3 coldest months of the year to measure against what happens each & every year (same with meteorological summer). It’s a better way to track seasonal normals/anomalies than using astronomical winter dates (December 21st-March 20th).

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