LAWRENCE, Mass. (WHDH) — A dozen rounds from an automatic weapon hit a triple-decker home in Lawrence on Sunday night. There were three children inside. But no one reported it until Monday night. Although a woman in a car outside did report a crime.

“We had a report of shots fired. We located a vehicle earlier that morning that had been fired upon in a location where the rounds are going into the house,” said Chief John Romero of the Lawrence Police Department.

A 17-year-old who lives at the house thought she heard the shots early Monday morning, but at the time she thought they were fireworks. Then Monday night she went to bed and up on the third floor and she found a bullet in her bed. Apparently it came through the window and above the air conditioner.

“What if they shot me? What if I would have died? You just think of the what if’s,” said a neighbor, Jessica Martinez.

Police gathered surveillance video which may show a man leaning over his own car, shooting at another car, and the triple-decker.

“We haven’t enhanced the video but we’re working on getting that perhaps that will provide a description of the vehicle, we’ll see what kind of vehicle it is. And we also might get a license plate as well,” said Romero.

The bullets flew into walls and one landed in a younger child’s first floor bedroom. The mother reported to police she had just installed bunk beds. No kids were in the room that night.

“I have nieces that live here and it’s dangerous when you come outside because sometimes I go with them outside because the society now is horrible,” said Martinez.

Romero said he does have leads but he is hoping the video will provide more clues.

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