Shrewsbury gas line catches fire, one burned

SHREWSBURY, Mass. (WHDH) — Residents in one Shrewsbury neighborhood witnessed a scary sight Friday afternoon when a gas line caught on fire.

Cheryl Murray said she reported the smell of gas in the area on Christmas Eve

Crews were on the scene working to repair the line when the fire ignited.

One worker was treated for minor burns and no other injuries were reported.

The fire started around 1 p.m. and it took emergency responders more than 30 minutes to get it put out.

Murray said her husband had just returned from work when the explosion happened.

"He saw the two gentlemen who were in the hole crawl up out of the hole and they dropped and rolled like we were taught to do when we're on fire,” she said.

Neighbors were told to shelter in place and those near the flames were told to run away.

"It started to get really big and turn into a big ball And all of the guys started running away from the scene and they and they told us to turn around and go back,” Raymond Sardagnola, a resident who was filming the flames, said.

Approximately 140 gas customers in the area were affected by the shut down of the gas line. Some residents also lost power due to the heat of the flames melting electric wires.