Shrewsbury resident credited with assisting BMW salesman who was carjacked at gunpoint by potential buyer

SHREWSBURY, MASS. (WHDH) - A car salesman who was carjacked at gunpoint while out on a test drive with a potential buyer on Wednesday ran to a local resident’s home, asked to use his phone, and assisted police in arresting the suspect.

The salesman, who works for BMW of Shrewsbury, was driving down Gold Street when the suspect, Phuc Nguyen, suddenly pulled over, flashed a gun, and threatened to “kill” the victim if he didn’t get out of the car, according to court documents.

George Delaney happened to be home when the salesman came running up to his door in need of help.

“He says, ‘You won’t believe it. I’ve just been robbed of a car. He pulled a gun on me and said, get out of the car,'” Delaney recalled.

Nguyen allegedly dumped the vehicle a few streets away at a worksite. The dealership manager told 7NEWS that they used BMW’s Connected app to locate the car.

Police say they later found Nguyen hiding in the woods nearby.

Delaney says he was happy to offer the salesman the help he needed.

“I said it’s only a car. You can always replace a car. You can’t replace yourself,” he added.

Nguyen is facing charges including armed robbery, threatening to commit murder, and car theft.

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