Crazy morning for some. While many of us had downpours and gusty winds, severe thunderstorms raced across Western Mass. and Northern New Enlgand very early this morning. Damage from one thunderstorm downed or uprooted hundreds of trees on Mt. Tom in Easthampton around 5am. This afternoon, the National Weather Service in Boston officially labeled this damage a microburst:

Courtesy @PatBrough

Classic signature of the microburst here. Note the trees all laying in the same direction and/or sheared mid-trunk or in the canopy. Tornadoes, on the other hand, would shred the trees and position them in a circular path. Indeed, radar signatures around the time briefly showed this burst of wind, one of the tools the National Weather Service used to confirm the event.

Sun is back tomorrow, but the temperatures are taking a slide. Back to reality means low to mid 60s. Brisk wind will stir the air, but we stay bright all day. Friday clouds will increase in the afternoon as the temperatures slide just a notch.

Next up, a speedy weather system for Saturday. It’s wobbling a little, currently favoring Southeast Mass. for the heaviest rain. HOWEVER, I don’t see any dry high pressure system to the north blocking this system and steering the rain away for the rest of us, either. For that reason, I’d plan on a cool, wet day.

Sunday is the polar opposite. Tons of sun, and seasonably cool.

Have at it. And go Bssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!


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