While checking out our current storm system still hangin’ around today, I just couldn’t help but think of the popular toy of the 80’s; the Sit & Spin – “for hours of dizzying entertainment!”  That’s what the storm is doing; still trying to hold on with every bit of energy it can muster… still bringing in cold air from the NW and keeping enough moisture around for the chance of flurries through Saturday night.  This system must really like us, because it almost looks like it wants to wait around in the area long enough to catch a Red Sox game!

The sunshine earlier today seemed like a tease.  It didn’t stick around long enough but it was nice to have a reminder that the sun always rises, even if it is masked by cloud cover.  I promise, it will get better as we work through the weekend.  More breaks of sunshine expected tomorrow and an even brighter Sunday is in store.  Highs will be seasonable through the weekend; highs right around 40 degrees.

It’s been 7 straight days of some type of precip for Boston (snow, rain, graupel) – and while today looks to be the first dry day in over a week (as I write this), there’s still a chance that a pop-up shower or flurry could keep the wet-weather trend going.  We’ll have to wait and see.  However, we’re not expecting anything like what we saw earlier this week.  The storm system is weakening and it is trying to move on out.

Drier weather will be with us to kick off the work week but as we look out west to the big mess California is dealing with, we know the dry spell can’t last too long.  That storm will work its way into the Midwest on Monday, and make its way into New England for Tuesday/Wednesday.  Temps by the middle of the week will be in the low to mid 40s, so it’s rain for us again (*phew*) and not the buckets we had with the last round (double *phew*).

Uh oh… I just realized, there are only 12 shopping days left!  I better get on it…



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