Sitting Pretty For Now

Busy week ahead. Full moon tomorrow night, Pats game, Halloween, Daylight Saving Time ends…

…and of course a major rain and wind storm come to town Wednesday night.

Wait, what? How bad? How much rain? Where is this thing? 

Hold your horses. First thing’s first. How about all that sun today? Gorgeous autumn day with vibrant colors still holding:

Cool night ahead as temperatures plummet under clear skies. While Boston escapes another freeze, the suburbs will see lows fall to the mid and upper 20s by morning. Not the warmest day coming tomorrow either. But…it is sunny and the winds will either be nonexistent or light from the ocean – as a sea breeze kicks in during the afternoon.

Now, what about that storm brewing?

As the remnants of Hurricane Patricia spin into an upper level storm system, the stage is set for a good soaking. This one has all the earmarks of a big fall classic: driving rain, wind gusts to 40 or higher, and, with lots of mild air arriving, a possibility of thunderstorms. Multiple channels of moisture will feed into this system to dump a solid 1-2 inches of rain on New England. With storms the wild card, amounts could be a bit higher in spots. With a strong jet stream steering the storm, gust could top 30 in many spots and 40+ on the Cape/Islands. In addition to the wind and rain, high tide from the full moon could splash over onto some roads at the south-facing beaches Wednesday night.

That’s a full plate of issues on the horizon. We’ll take it day by day for now.