Life is good. It’s Friday, sunshine the next 3 days and just two weeks out from Episode 7. Solid. Friday needs to no explanation & perhaps neither does Star Wars but this forecast…let me tell ya! Don’t get me wrong, I love snow and especially at the front end of winter but after last winter, I’m still not quite ready for snow…..check back around the 20th & see if I’m still drinking the El Nino Kool-Aid. In the meantime our pattern is one that can (and will) produce mild weather.

Sunshine today will push temps out of the 30s and into the upper 40s by afternoon–close to yesterday afternoons temps but much less wind. This time of year, that is absolutely huge–going through a winter day with little to no wind (morning breeze will fade away). We keep the sunshine around for both weekend days and each afternoon we see those temps head for the 50s! Great weather for late season yardwork, playing some golf, putting up Christmas lights or heading to Gillette for H.S. football Superbowl games tomorrow as well as Pats-Eagles on Sunday.

Looking into next week, we’ll keep an eye on a storm passing south of New England on Tuesday but even if it were to change course and head our way there is no arctic air around New England so we’re talking rain threat…no snow threat.

Hang in there snow lovers…’s only December 4th.



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