Unfortunately it’s not a pattern that we can just snap out of and that means only slight improvements in the weather today compared to yesterday.  The difference will be temps closer to 50 versus yesterday’s mid 40s, and the showers today are more of the hit or miss variety and not the consistent rain we had. 

The reason we have to leave those scattered showers in the forecast is thanks to an upper-level cold pocket of air (upper-level low) spinning over New England.  That helps create enough instability with any daytime heating we get to pop up a few showers.  In fact, the atmosphere is cold enough that across Northern New England, it’s snowing this morning!

As the upper-level low wobbles east of us the next couple of days, we’ll see drier weather working in.  Monday looks like the best day of the next several as highs reach the mid 50s at the coast and lower 60s inland.

Wednesday and Thursday feature cool onshore winds and rain moving back in thanks to an approaching low from our southwest.  With a big high to our north, the pattern is slow to move, and that’s why these onshore wind days and rain events can be so persistent and carryover multiple days.  This one could dump 1-2″ of rain across the area with the heaviest rain late Wednesday, Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

By Friday, we should be able to get that low to our northeast, allowing for land breezes and an attempt at drier weather to end the week and go into the weekend.  The issue late in the week, and perhaps next weekend, is the fact that the air aloft is awfully cold looking, and that can create instability with the day time heating and trigger scattered afternoon showers to develop in the afternoon.  I left the rain drop in the 7day for Friday and Saturday, and that’s for that potential of an afternoon shower or two.  Also note the sun icon too and the temps that warm into the mid 60s.  If the cold air aloft stays just northwest of us, we can stay dry.   

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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