Despite some torrential rain across Southeast Massachusetts, we managed to make it a decent day. With the warm front passing, the humidity jumped and the sun poked out from time to time. 70s again got our attention in this mild airmass.

If you’re getting the feeling that you’ve run out of time to enjoy the mild weather, fear not. We still have another somewhat mild day on tap tomorrow and a slow step-down in the days ahead. Honestly, highs near 60 both Thursday and Friday aren’t that far from our normal of 62. Fair enough, right?

Keep in mind that this time of year, the cool pools of air are weak and untested. They drop down from the prairies of Canada and are quickly modified thanks to the absence of any snowpack. Coupled with a little bold October sun, we manage to do a pretty good job of knocking back the chill.

But when several fronts conspire to bring the cold (like we’re seeing late this week and this weekend), the cards are stacked against us. Plan on some real October chill for the Head of the Charles Regatta this weekend. Brisk winds will also make it feel colder than the temperature reads. Cold for athletes and spectators alike.


"Citizen Scientists", recently poring over data from the Kepler Space Telescope, have stumbled upon perhaps one of the most interesting stars in our galaxy. Now astronomers are scrambling to explain exactly what they’ve found. 

The Southern New England Weather Conference is almost full! Only 20 slots left. Topics this year include short-lived tornadoes (like the one that struck Revere) and the record-setting snowfall of last winter. Register here.

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