Slowly Catching Up

Well, that was a change of pace. For only the second time this month, our average temperature (both high and low) was below normal. Without the wind, today wasn’t that bad, really – especially if you were in direct sunlight.

But the cold is slowly catching up with us in the long range. I’m seeing a dead heat between the cooler than normal days and the warmer than normal days. No, it’s not an overwhelmingly chilly pattern, but it’s not the same-ol’ same-ol’ either. It’ll put a dent in that heat surplus (see right) we have going this month, but it won’t erase it entirely.

Rain’s on the move too. Perhaps you heard about all the severe weather in the Plains and Midwest yesterday. That same storm is churning our way – with entirely different consequences. We’re following the wet weather for Thursday afternoon. As the system approaches, it will slow down a bit, heightening our chance for a decent soaking Thursday night. Yeah!

Behind it, the cold will be just as slow to move back in. We’ll give it until Saturday, with temperatures likely to stay below normal until the middle of next week…yes, that implies a warm-up for Thanksgiving weekend…stay tuned.